Executive Coaching

Our leadership coaching provides a vehicle for focusing on any barriers to performance and strategies for overcoming them to achieve the person’s individual and business objectives. Our coach also provides honest feedback and provides the organization back with themes of the coaching work, including the development activities and goals that have been set. Throughout the engagement our coach also remains open and available for any insight from others in the organization on noticeable changes or key development objectives relating to the coachee’s interactions.


Meet in person every four weeks to offer behind-the-scenes coaching and debriefing. Tasks and accomplishments will be assigned and reviewed each session.

  • The coach will also use live observation of the coachee’s interactions with others to understand the context of the coachee’s situation and patterns of behavior.
  • The coach may conduct source interviews with stakeholders in order to translate feedback from others into actionable steps for improvement.
  • Telephonic and email support in-between face-to-face meetings, estimated to be three times monthly.
  • Reading and review of resources as appropriate.


  • Learning how to draw connections between behavior and perceptions, recognize patterns of responses, succeed as a senior leader in an evolving corporate culture
  • Developing key connections and social networks with peers, direct reports and other stakeholders
  • Reframing success from business objectives being executed independently to seeing success as the continuous process of collaborating and refining toward collective goals/vision
  • Seeing beyond just task completion to understand the needs/emotions/concerns of his or her constituents and communicating accordingly
  • Communicating more effectively with others and in a way that builds connections and enrolls them in his or her initiatives
  • Using Emotional Intelligence to “read the room” and develop vital insights around relationships, initiatives, and culture